Sell scrap gold safely thanks to our satisfaction guarantee

Anyone who wants to sell their scrap gold for a good price should be looking for a reliable, experienced buyer. With GoldCourier, you choose a company which specialises in buying scrap gold online and which has many years of experience. We focus on maintaining a trustworthy relationship with the customers who want to sell us their scrap gold.

Selling scrap gold and remaining flexible

Good to know: by sending your scrap gold you will not be entering any contracts or taking any risks. Even after the payment has been made, you can still ask for your scrap gold to be returned if you have had second thoughts about selling it or if you are not satisfied with our offered purchasing price.

Cancelling a scrap gold sale: This is how you return the already received money for your gold back to us

When selling scrap gold to GoldCourier, you can exercise your 10-day withdrawal right after receiving notification of the payout by refunding the transferred amount to GoldCourier.

Important information for withdrawing from scrap gold sales

  • Your 10-day withdrawal right starts once you receive the payout warrant.
  • The withdrawal from the transaction takes effect if you refund the money to GoldCourier within 7 days after the proper notice of termination.
  • GoldCourier returns your scrap gold within 30 days.

For more information on contract withdrawal and gold valuation, read the GoldCourier terms and conditions..

GoldCourier wishes to point out that your scrap gold may be irreparably damaged during the valuation (see terms and conditions § 5.3).

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Average amount
paid out:
231,48 £

Satisfied customers:

Dear Goldkurier team,
thank you for processing my delivery so quickly. I sent you the gold items on 19/11/2010 and 193.84 £ were already credited to my account on 29/11/2010.
It’s an easy, fair way to turn your gold into money. I’M THRILLED AND REALLY HAPPY! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! TOP SERVICE, WITH NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM! Will definitely recommend you guys!
Keep up the good work, and I wish the entire team a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, year 2011. ALL THE BEST!
Elfriede B. from P.

Hi to the friendly Goldkurier team...
Really want to thank you for your efficient service. The money also arrived on time. Will recommend you. Kind regards.
Caroline G. from L.

Dear Sir/Madam, Many thanks for the smooth transaction. Kind regards.
Richard K. from M.

Dear Goldkurier team, I’m thrilled at how quickly and professionally everything went. Have already recommended you to my friend, who has already received her GoldPack.
Manuela S. from F.

Great – 251.51 £ – never thought my old scrap gold would be worth so much! The transfer was also very prompt! Thanks a lot!
Tina R. from F.

Well I really must say one thing: you guys at GoldCourier are really reliable and fast! Thanks so much for transferring the 151.61 £ !
Heinrich B. from D.

Thanks so much for the good and quick service. It’s good to know who to contact when you want to turn gold into money fast.
Erwin G. from B.

Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to thank you for the transfer. Finally a company which is simple AND professional.
Rudolf W. from A.

Great, I was able to use the money from jewellery I never liked anyway to finally buy what I had always wanted but could never afford.
Gabriele. V. from R.

Now we can even get money for finally clearing out the house! Thanks for being there.
Jenny G. from L.

Dear GoldCourier Team, I was initially very critical of the idea of sending my gold to an online company. Which is why I am also the more pleasantly surprised that everything actually worked out as you said it would. I have already cashed in the cheque for 218.35 £. Thanks!
Verena N. from D.

Ladies and gentlemen,
many thanks for your payment. You treat your customers very courteously and your service is fast and simple. This made me feel like a very fairly treated customer.
Esther P. from G.

Many thanks – the cheque has already arrived. Fast and fair.
Ilse R. from O.

Dear Sir/Madam, many thanks for the fast delivery. I was very happy with the 315.34 Euro payout.
Maria S. from O.

Dear GoldCourier team I want to thank you so much for the fast and easy payment.
Rainer W. from F.

The second delivery was also very quick. Top service and payment.
Markus H. from N.