General terms and conditions

of Deutsche Edelmetallhandelsgesellschaft mbH regarding operation of the platform (hereinafter known as "GoldCourier")

§ 1 Scope

1.Goldkurier runs the online platform These terms and conditions include the conditions applying exclusively between you (hereinafter also known as "customer") and Goldkurier, unless these have been modified by written agreements between the parties. The terms and conditions apply for all future business relationships, even if they have not been expressly agreed on again. These General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively. Counter-confirmations by the contractual partner stating the validity of its own terms and conditions are hereby prohibited.

2.The customer is informed of these General Terms and Conditions upon registration, and again during every purchase/sale, and acknowledges their validity. This is necessary, as the legal framework conditions for online platforms are constantly changing and developing. However, by referring to these General Terms and Conditions within correspondence, only the new clauses affecting the purchase become part of the contract.

§ 2 Registration as a user/Requirements

1.Registration with GoldCourier is for free. There is no legal claim to license this platform. Only a natural person residing in Engand with unlimited legal capacity is authorised to use it. The customer must provide a copy of his/her ID at GoldCourier’s request. To register with the platform, complete the electronic application form on our website and send it to us. The details required for registration must be complete and accurate.

2.Apart from declaring that you agree with these General Terms and Conditions, your registration does not involve any other obligations.

3.Each customer can only register once with GoldCourier, and by doing so, assures that he/she is older than 18 and has not been previously registered with GoldCourier.

4.By sending the goods, the customer declares that he/she is the sole owner of the items, that he/she is entitled to possess these, and that his/her ownership status was not achieved illegally.

§ 3 Subject of the contract

1.GoldCourier only buys items containing gold. Items not containing gold, and components or objects only with gold-plated surfaces are returned upon request and with prior reimbursement of costs by the customer. The return delivery cost is 10 £ and must be paid by the customer. § 5 Para. 4 of the General Terms and Conditions contain more information on returning items to customers.

2.The contract between GoldCourier and the customer solely pursues the objective of selling gold in any form. Before sending the items, the customer is advised to remove all components that are not part of the contractual purpose (such as stones, precious stones, other appliqués). GoldCourier does not assume any liability for damage and loss of items that are not classified as subject of the contract.

3.The customer must notify GoldCourier if he/she wishes GoldCourier to return the removed components from objects not forming part of the subject of the contract. In the event of a return, the customer pays a flat chare for processing and postage of EUR 10.00

§ 4 Data protection

GoldCourier uses the personal data you provided (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, bank account details) in accordance with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act. More details can be found in the Data protection conditions document.

§ 5 Sending gold/Assessment/Returns

1.Upon request, GoldCourier sends the customer a so-called "GoldPack" which the customer uses to send his/her goods to GoldCourier for free. The objects cannot be sent using any other methods.

2.The GoldPack must be used in accordance with the provisions enclosed with it. The GoldPack is insured up to a value of 400 £. If items of greater value are to be sent, they must be divided up and placed in different GoldPacks, each of which must not exceed an amount of 400 £. GoldCourier reserves the right to return opened, damaged or otherwise modified GoldPacks to the customer. No liability is assumed for these returns.

3.With sending the items the customer declares his/her agreement with the valuation of these items by GoldCourier in order to assess its value. The price is only determined using the weight and carat value of the objects, as well as the current raw material prices. The customer is aware that during valuation and analysis, GoldCourier may fully or partly irreparably damage the items sent.

4.Components not forming part of the subject of the contract (such as stones, precious stones, other appliqués) and objects not containing gold or which are only gold-plated on the surface are returned to the customer upon request and upon prior reimbursement of costs by the customer. The cost for the return delivery is 10 £ and must be paidby the customer. It comprises postage, packaging and handling costs. This rule also applies in the event that a GoldPack sent by the customer contains both real-gold items and gold-plated items.

§ 6 Price quote/Conclusion of the contract

1.Once the valuation is complete GoldCourier transfers the amount to the bank account provided by the customer. It is the gross amount which includes the legal VAT.

2.Transferring the amount to the customer’s account is considered as an offer by GoldCourier. The customer declares his/her acceptance of the offer by confirming this to GoldCourier by telephone, letter, fax or e-mail. In the letter, the customer is explicitly informed that he/she is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 10 days. Withdrawal can be done via telephone, letter, fax or e-mail. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal begins on the day following that on which the amount is entered into the books. In the event of a valid withdrawal, the customer must refund the transferred amount to GoldCourier within 7 days of declaring his/her withdrawal.

3.In the event of a valid withdrawal, GoldCourier will return the items to the customer within 30 days.

4.GoldCourier must be notified separately and in advance if items are being sent by contractors. Once the offer has been accepted, a properly issued invoice must be sent to GoldCourier.

5.Personal ID is required by law when selling precious metal to GoldCourier. For postal deliveries, ID is provided automatically by virtue of the fact that the amount is only transferred to personalised bank accounts. Sending cash is prohibited.

§ 7 Returns

1.In the event that items are returned to the customer, the risk of accidental loss or an unexpected deterioration is transferred to the customer as soon as the items have been handed over to the person or institution responsible for making the delivery, but not later than when the items have left the GoldCourier premises.

2.The customer is obliged to check in order to make sure that the delivery is complete and flawless within two weeks of receiving it. Complaints must be reported to GoldCourier via e-mail ( within two weeks of receiving the return delivery. The return is considered accepted once this deadline has passed.

§ 8 Guarantee/Liability for defects

The guarantee is provided in accordance with legal regulations

§ 9 Liability limitation

1.We exclude our liability for breaches of obligations due to slight negligence as far as these do not affect substantial contractual obligations, damages due to injury to life, body or health or guaranties, or as far as claims under product liability law are not affected. This exclusion is also valid for our vicarious agents. The customer is aware that during the valuation processGoldCourier may cause partial or complete irreparable damage to the items sent in. The customer therefore cannot claim for damages.

2.Based on the current state of technology, communication of data via the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be flawless and/or permanently available. We are not liable for the constant, uninterrupted availability of our online trading system.

§ 10 Final provisions

1.The law of the Federal Republic of Germany has validity with exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Mandatory regulations issued by the country in which you reside are not affected by this.

2.If you do not have a general jurisdictional venue within the country or move your residence abroad after the conclusion of contract or your residence is unknown when a suit is brought, the official tribunal for all controversies is the company office in65843 Sulzbach / Taunus.

3.Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid or contradict the legal regulations, it does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Consumer information

Below is some legal information on your rights according to the regulations on electronic business contracts:

1.The sales agreement is concluded with Deutsche Edelmetallhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Schlagmühle 1, 36396 Hintersteinau; represented by managing director Friedrich Meding. The subject of the contract is based on the descriptions on our website together with h our terms and conditions. You can print both of these out or request them at a later stage from us.

2.The only language available to conclude contracts on this website is English.

3.The prices provided by us are final prices including taxes.

4.The details required in order to execute the contract concluded between you and us are saved by us and are accessible to you at all times. We refer to the data protection rules in our terms and conditions in this respect.

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